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What do association members value most? And how do associations find new members? Re-examining what membership packages include can help associations break through the clutter and stay relevant – a key step in recruiting new members as well as engaging their existing membership.


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Where do associations get their funding? And what revenue sources are growing in importance? Relying too heavily on one funding source can put an association at risk. Learn how leading organizations have found innovative new funding sources and strengthen existing revenue streams.

There’s no one board size that’s ideal for every association. Similarly, simply changing the number of directors won’t fix a dysfunctional board on its own. However, experts say there are several noticeable trends among associations that are making boards more efficient.


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The Ottawa Association Exchange is a new forum created to help associations succeed through strategies for overcoming common challenges.

With interviews and surveys of more than 100 association executives, the inaugural edition of the OAX report examines how associations are finding new revenue sources, improving board efficiency and increasing membership engagement.

This digital magazine also includes tips for communicating an association’s value proposition, dives into the debate around director term limits and explores executive compensation trends.

OAX offers executives a unique opportunity to learn from their peers, improve their understanding of key operational issues and build stronger associations.


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Ottawa Association Exchange

“Our aim is to help you better understand how your association compares against others. The OAX project will provide insight into what makes associations achieve operational excellence and stand out above the crowd.”
-Richard MacNeill, president, OTUS Group  


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